Size of the garden and installation of led grow lights

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Size of the garden and installation of led grow lights

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If you’ve already carried out indoor gardening, you would already know the concept of space. If not, simply measure out the length and breadth of your indoor growing area (for choosing the growing area, see next section) and figure out how many plants you will be using. Based on this estimate, decide the wattage and the number of bulbs that you would require.

In case, you are upgrading from HID lights to led grow lights(as a vast majority of growers and horticulturists are doing), the following quick reference table may be helpful.

Each plant has its own vegetative and flowering phases, and needs specific conditions for growth. As a grower, it is your task to figure out how the plants will grow efficiently (though for the average case, we have provided some growing tips in a later section). Once you have figured out your optimal plant growth conditions, you can purchase the LED grow lights accordingly, keeping in mind the thumb rule that it is always better to go for specific wavelengths rather than a full spectrum white LED light.

Getting Ready To Install LED Grow Lights

Now that you know how to choose the 90w LED lights, it is time to find out how to install them. Before you head to Twilightgroups to purchase them however, you need to get your “grow room” in order (assuming of course that you’re going in for small-scale indoor growing, commercial greenhouse growing parameters are different).

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