Outlook of the LED plant in the chinese market

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Outlook of the LED plant in the chinese market

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Marijuana is planting  under the ground more than 5 cm in early spring when the soil temperature at planting at least 8 ℃.   people use LED Grow Lights  to control seedlings after 30 days to Promote rooting.

According to the difference of male and female seedling morphology ,we can choose to stay in the maleMiao removal female seed to improve fiber quality.  then choose to stay Seed female seedlings. Cannabis grown in suitable temperature which Is 19-23 ℃. Hemp plants grow daily average 3-5 cm up to 10 cm when grown around the peak. At this time of drought resistant and intolerant atmosphere soil drought, so you can use Continuous irrigation to keep the soil water holding capacity of about 80%. Combined with irrigation applied early, fast-acting fertilizer can promote re-applied long stems.

LED Grow Lights was produced specially for the plants growing,it can bring largr brightness aaand it has the ability of strong penetration ,it is the most suitable for the growth of the new marijuana plant .

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